Please include kennel/location, animal name, and Lake County ID, if available.

Please include details such as:

  • the town the animal was lost or found in
  • the animal's breed
  • coat color(s) and pattern
  • eye color
  • distinctive markings
  • gender
  • name
  • neuter status
  • length of tail
  • date found/lost (otherwise we only track date reported here)
  • collar color and type

When re-posting from Facebook, please include a link to the original post, not just the page it was shared on. (Eventually it will get pushed off the bottom of the page it was shared on.)

Please select the location that the animal was originally found (if found) or where it was lost from (if lost).

Please enter your name. If you are reposting from another source, please indicate both your name and the original reporter's name if available. For example: "Jane Doe via Joe Schmoe" if Jane was the original reporter and Joe is reposting it here.

This will be displayed publicly so that others may respond to your report. Suggested forms of contact: email, twitter, or phone. Your residential address is not recommended. If re-posting or posting on behalf of someone else, please include a contact for the original reporter.

Please include an email so that we may easily contact you with follow-up correspondence regarding your report. This will be kept private and will not be displayed publicly.

Please avoid unpleasant or haunting photos of injured animals. If you get an error after uploading for 15-30 sec, try resizing your photo to ~800x800 pixels first.

Please Review Carefully: You will be not able to edit after creating the report.

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