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Mar 9 9:06 am found Dog Lower lake He's a brindle pit mix. Found on Bonham rd in lower lake. No collar. Brown with black stripes and whi [read more] Stacy maisenbach View Details
Oct 6 8:41 am lost Cat LOST black cat white spot on chest 95457 Honey missing Lost our 2-year old cat named Honey (also called Honeybee or Aubergine) in late September 2016 in Lower L [read more] Stefanie F. View Details
Sep 21 7:34 pm found Cat Found adult grey tabby with dark spots. Image Looks to be a fixed younger adult grey tabby with dark stripes and spots. Her character shows she must ha [read more] Cari McCormick View Details
Jun 2 12:17 pm found Cat Small short haired black cat.. Small-ish short haired black cat, ears, tail, everything standard, no cuts or bruises. No specific colori [read more] GM Barrett View Details
May 25 3:15 pm lost Cat Lost male nuetered black/white tabby cat Image Lost on Yankee Valley Road in Hidden Valley Lake HVL during the fire. He may be chipped but not sure. Cats was inside the house Victoria Shipley via Teresa J Tucker-Johnson on Fb View Details
May 21 9:12 am found Cat Found cat black gray tabby on Wardlaw Image This kitty was hanging out on Wardlaw in Middletown. Being fed by Lenore Sander. Real skinny but Friendly. Victoria Shipley via Animal Assist Rescue/Lenore Sander View Details
May 21 9:04 am found Cat Found calico cat at Store 24 Middletown Image This cat has been hanging out at Store 24 in Middletown. Victoria Shipley via Animal Assist Rescue Fb page View Details
May 20 4:02 pm found Cat Found several Lake County cats Image Several homeless cats are being fostered looking for owners. Some are from the Valley Fire others are found in Lake County. Victoria Shipley View Details
Apr 30 8:29 am found Cat Gray black white chest n paws Image Found cat gray and black with tan tones with white chest and paws. Checking on gender. Yellow eyes. Found [read more] Victoria Shipley for Gina Mahoney/Donella Dawkins via Hidden Valley Lake Friends and Neighbors page on Fb View Details
Apr 19 1:39 pm found Cat Found Siamese cat cream with tan spots Cat found siamese gifford springs k noble This kitty, with its blue eyes and cream body with tan spots has been around the home in GIFFORD SPRINGS [read more] Victoria S. via FB Cobb Family and Friends page and K.Noble View Details
Apr 19 1:36 pm found Cat Black cat Cat found black gifford springs k noble Hanging under a house on Gifford Springs. Has been fed. Victoria Shipley via FB page Cobb Family and Friends page and K.Noble View Details
Apr 19 1:32 pm found Cat Orange Tabby Male cat Cat found orange tabby gifford spring k noble house Hanging Around the GIFFORD SPRINGS Area. This pretty unaltered male cat that has been hanging out under a [read more] Victoria Shipley via FB Cobb Family and Friends page and K.Noble View Details
Apr 15 7:03 am found Cat FOUND tabby cat Image FOUND a tabby cat has been showing up at a house on Anderson Rose Road. Neighbor has been feeding Victoria Shipley via FB Valley Forest Fire L/F PETS View Details
Apr 15 6:49 am found REUNITED Cat Found cat tabby white gray Image FOUND cat on Cobb Mtn Gifford Springs. Victoria Shipley via FB Valley Forest Fire L/F pets View Details
Apr 14 2:22 pm found Cat Found cat white and gray Image Found cat on Loch Lomond area. Being fostered now. Victoria Shipley via Fb The Valley Forest Fire List/found pets page View Details
Apr 13 10:14 pm found Cat Found Tabby cat Image FOUND on Shenendoah Way in Loch Lomond on Cobb. Healthy, safe, been fed by Good Samaritan. Victoria Shipley via Fb Valley forest fire lost found pets View Details
Apr 13 9:43 pm found Cat Found gray tabby cat Image This kitty Found at the Geysers in Middletown. Has been with a foster since the Valley Fire. andRescue/ Victoria Shipley via Animal Assist Rescue View Details
Apr 13 9:36 pm found Cat Found male orange white cat Image Showed up at a house on Grange Road, Middletown close to Hidden Valley Lake after the fire. Being fed and [read more] Victoria Shipley via Gina Mahoney/Summer Thompson View Details
Apr 13 9:29 pm found Cat Found male Russian Blue cat Image Found very loving Russian Blue cat, mature altered male no chip he has been on his own for long time very [read more] Victoria via Fb Lynda Betz Powell Fb Valley forest fire lost and found pets View Details
Apr 13 9:21 pm found Cat Found white and gray female cat Image She was found in Loch Lomond, a fire cat, very friendly and loving and is missing her parents. Victoria Shipley via Assist Animal Rescue Valley forest fire lost and found pets View Details
Apr 13 9:14 pm found Cat Found gray and white kitty Image This cat has been showing up at a home on Deerhill Road, HVL since the Valley Fire. Victoria Shipley via View Details
Apr 13 9:08 pm found Cat Found black and white cat HVL Image Found black-and-white cat hidden Valley Lake. Being fed by Good Samaritan Victoria Shipley via FB Dana Matheny The valley forest fire lost and found pets View Details
Apr 13 9:01 pm found Cat Male orange white cat. White mustache Image Orange and white cat. Male, not neutered Seen at many different homes in the Loch Lomond / Shenandoah C [read more] Victoria S. Via Fb post Pamela Williamson posting from Valley Forest Fire Lost Found Pets View Details
Mar 24 9:34 pm found Cat Hidden Valley Lake Black and white cat. One ear is white, one is black. Stops by to eat almost every night. Semi friendly. Dana Metheny View Details
Mar 6 9:37 am found Cat found black cat point lakeview road black female cat. somewhat thin/slight, green eyes. Cat showed up at our home about a week ago. Appears to be an indoor cat. Slight white on chest Ted Jorgensen View Details
Jan 28 1:17 pm lost Dog Daisy Chia MIX White/Brown/Black Image Daisy a Chihuahua MIX POSSIBLY ,,White female with brown & black markings went missing on Monday nigh [read more] A.Post View Details
Jan 8 9:01 am found Cat Seigler Springs area lynx point Siamese female found on Loch Lomond Rd. at crossroads of upper Seigler Canyon Rd. There are rings on her tail, blue eyes Jane Gerakin View Details
Dec 21 7:38 pm found Horse Mini Pony multi colored Image Mini pony found in Upper Lake 12/21/2015 multi colored,, being held in unknown location...Check Lost Pet-Found Pet-Lake County FB ,,,Robin Savage A.Post, reposting for Robin Savage via FB View Details
Dec 21 7:33 pm found Dog Tan/White Pitbull,,,mix possibly Image Mike Dawson 27 mins ยท Nice, CA Found this dog at Cache Creek today all by his lonesome. Could be a [read more] A.Post reposting from Lost Pet-Found Pet-Lake County ( f b) View Details
Dec 17 5:05 pm found Cat MAH Cat #52 2015 12 17 16.15.14 Grey tabby female cat found by Doyle Stein on Sugarbush in Hidden Valley. She has been feeding her for a [read more] Middletown Animal Hospital View Details

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