This web site was created in response to the devastating Valley Fire, which started in Lake County, CA in 2015. Its goal is to reunite owners and their pets or animals that were separated in the chaos of the rapidly spreading fire.

Thanks to Caleb Haye for the idea and inspiration.


Contact Marcel M. Cary at mc-valley-fire-animals@oak.homeunix.org.


This site is evolving:

Sep 13, evening I learned of this fire from a cashier at Community Market in Sebastopol who told me about a food/equipment drive for evacuees
Sep 14, morning Caleb suggested helping by creating a web site to help reunite owners and their animals
Sep 14, lunch I put up the first draft of this site to gauge interest
Sep 14, evening The site started accepting reports of lost or found animals
Sep 15 The site received 8 reports posted and was used by 433 people. It now accepts photos. Sorry for losing the first two of them. :(
Sep 16 The site now has 20 reports posted and was used by 1074 people. I'm getting help from other Rails developers (Aaron Sumner and Rachel James) and more people spreading the word (Josh Simmons and Tim O'Reilly).
Sep 17 The site now has 51 reports and was used by 2088 people. We launched several new features including search by animal type, lost vs. found, and keyword. Reunited pets can be marked as such thanks to Caleb Haye.
Sep 18 The site now has 61 reports and was used by 2726 people. Aaron will be taking over operations for a bit so I can take a break.
Sep 19 Aaron here, filling in for Marcel over the weekend. There's been some confusion resulting from our new feature to mark animals and owners as reunited. I'm fixing false reports as quickly as I can. If you see an animal marked as reunited that's not, please let us know and I'll fix ASAP. In the meantime, I made a few changes to the process to hopefully reduce false reports.
Sep 20 The site now has 88 reports and has been used by 3434 people. Kimberly Carr is helping to spread the word.
Sep 21 We've removed the incorrect "Reunited" designation from all the reports that were erroniously marked as such. Sorry for the confusion. We have three reports confirmed reunited and several more with confirmation pending. With 93 reports, 3578 users, it appears traffic to the site is starting to taper off.
Sep 22 Zumba's owners shared the story of how they reunited with their beloved cat, giving hope for those who are still searhing.
Sep 23 Chris Holmes recommended this site to some colleagues. Also, suddenly we have 88% more reports than we had till this point. It seems people are reposting here from other sources.
Oct 6 We've added a field just for Originating Location to help people search geographically. We're hoping this helps people narrow down search results amid a sea of cats. You can still use the "Words" search field to find locations mentioned in the summary or description. We've only back-filled this field for some reports, so you may still need to check "none specified" as well for a while.
Oct 25 Unclaimed animals will start to go up for adoption this week. Also, we've added export of search results to a spreadsheet to help other organizations make better use of the data. Look for the link at the bottom of the search page.
Oct 28 New submissions are disabled while we clean up abusive reports.
Nov 2 We renabled submissions with spam countermeasures in place. So far so good.

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