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I found her by walking back and forth for two days and nights within a couple block radius. I asked every single person I came across while walking if they'd seen her and there had been sightings. I finally found her by her answering my calls from under a house two blocks from our evacuation site. She's indoor only,  so this was traumatizing for her as well as us. Just arrived home today. Burned front and back yard but house intact. Smoke damage but we're working hard on cleaning it all up.

— Wendy McLean, reunited pet owner, report #49

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We have a very happy “Do You Know This Chicken” update! The Silkie chicken has been reunited with owner! She lives on the edge of the Hidden Valley Ranchos and her house didn’t burn in the fire but after 38 days missing the owner of the Silkie chicken just assumed that she was gone forever. She just happened to be looking on the and spotted her photo and called us at Middletown Animal Hospital. The ironic thing is that she is a good client of ours. She quickly came down to pick up the chicken along with the black and white hen since no one has claimed her and they have been friends in the same pen: we're thrilled they get to stay together. Once again, don't give up hope!

— Denise Tucker, Middletown Animal Hospital, report #204

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“Give this website information to any person who calls or visits your clinic trying to search for their pet. It is much easier than scrolling through a dozen different facebook pages... the easiest site to navigate that I have seen so far.”

— Dr. Chris S. Holmes, DVM, Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic in Lake County

“I absolutely think people should be using this. There are too many different places that people are posting. I am heading up there today to try and assist with the animal rescue effort and will be telling everyone about this. Thanks for your help! :)”

— Jaime Viera, photographer,